Thriving Blind by Kristin Smedley is Changing the Way the World Sees Blindness

By: Rev. Rebecca L. Holland, M.Div

(Disability Ministries, Chair)

Thriving Blind by TEDx speaker and rare disease mom, Kristin Smedley, is changing the way the world sees blindness.

When both of Smedley’s sons were born with a rare disease that caused them to lose their sight, she and her family chose thriving over merely surviving.

Before the birth of her sons, Kristin had never known a person who was blind. Nearly suffocating from her own fears, Kristin knew she needed to overcome the anxiety, worry, and obstacles for the sake of her sons, but she had no idea how to proceed. Yet, knowing that Michael and Mitchell needed their mother to fight for them, Kristin began advocating for the tools her children needed.

As Kristin found and equipped her boys with the resources to help them thrive, they not only took on the world, but changed Kristin’s perception of blindness.

thriving blind book cover

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At the above link, you will find my exclusive interview with Kristin as well as my review of her new release and number one Bestseller, Thriving Blind! 





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