Driving with a Disability: Infographic by Michael Leavy

Driving with a disability is a possibility for some members of the disability community!

As a person with low vision, one of the hardest aspects of my sight loss has been coming to terms with the fact that driving just isn’t an option for me. As a young person, I felt sorrow as I watched my peers all achieve the milestone of receiving their drivers’ licenses. As an adult, I have learned that independence is still possible, even if a person is unable to drive. I particularly enjoyed living in Washington D.C., where public transportation was widely available. In my current position as a pastor in Pennsylvania, I have found other ways of achieving independence by making certain that I have reliable transportation.

The following is a very informative infographic which was sent to me by Micheal Leavy, the Managing Director of Home Healthcare Adaptations. Home Healthcare Adaptations is a family owned company based in Dublin that specializes in adapting homes in order to make them more accessible to people with disabilities.

Every disability is unique and every person is different. There is no one way to live your best life as a person with a disability. Driving isn’t an option for me, but it can be a possibility or other people with disabilities. This infographic is full of great information and I am happy to share it with you today!

CLICK HERE  to see the infographic and article by Michael Leavy!

Note: A transpcript with image descriptions for people who are visually impaired, have print disabilities, or simply prefer plain text is also provided.

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