Erin M. Kelly’s Powerful Poetry Raises Disability Awareness

Disability Awareness Sunday is quickly approaching! But did you know that Disability Awareness is about much more than simply being aware that people with disabilities exist? True disability awareness means full inclusion for people with disabilities in both the church and society.

There is a thriving disability community full of writers, musicians, and artists with all manner of disabilities. On Disability Awareness Sunday (and throughout the entire year!) I would like to encourage you to support artists within the disability community. Listen to our music, read our words,  and hear our stories. By listening to the stories of others, we can learn to see other people as unique individuals made fully in the image of God. Stories bring us together.

One author I highly recommend to you is Erin. M. Kelly. Erin is a professional writer and poet who also has cerebral palsy. In this interview, Erin speaks candidly about the joys of writing, the struggle of finding a publisher, and the powerful message of her poetry.

CLICK HERE to Read More! 

how to wait by erin kelly


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