Accomdations for Annual Conference 2023 for the Susquehanna Conference of the UMC

Dear Siblings in Christ:
Our Annual Conference is being held at a new venue this year. While we look forward to new beginnings, we also recognize that this new location offers many new challenges when it comes to accommodating people with disabilities. The following accommodations are currently available for the 2023 Annual Conference:

Auto-generated Captions: Open Captions will be displayed on a screen located to  the left of the theater. The screen is 65 inches and will show the livestream. The bottom third of the screen will display live captions.

Seating for People who are d/Deaf and/or Visually Impaired: Accessible seating for people who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing and for people with visual impairments is available in the front of the theater on the left (near the screen that is displaying captions). This accessible seating area includes seats in and out of the bar for voting.

Accessible Seating: There will be reserved seating for people with mobility limitations or other special needs  Reserved accessible seats will be clearly marked with seat covers. BLUE seats are inside the bar and RED seats are outside the bar.

Please reserve aisle seats for those with mobility or other needs: We understand that many disabilities are invisible. Therefore, we humbly request that all of those attending Annual Conference give priority for aisle seats to those who might require an aisle seat.  

For questions or concerns, as well as to share suggestions for how we can make future gatherings of our Annual Conference even more accessible, please contact Rev. Rebecca L. Holland, chair of the Disability Ministry Task Force of the Susquehanna Conference, at

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