Team Members

Clergy Members

A headshot of Rev. Rebecca Holland

Rev. Rebecca L, Holland OSL (M.Div, B.S. English Ed)- Disability Ministries Task Force, Chair

Christ Community UMC- Altoona

Rev. Rebecca L. Torres-Holland (B.S. English Ed. & M. Div.) is a visually impaired half-Filipino clergywoman serving in the United Methodist Church. She is passionate about working to empower people who have been traditionally marginalized by the church, especially women, people of color, and people with disabilities.

Rebecca graduated in 2011 with a B.S. in  English Education. After graduation, she went on to attend Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C. where she earned her Master’s of Divinity in 2014. While at Wesley Seminary Rebecca served as a pastoral intern at a cooperative parish where she gained experience working with both a large congregation in a prosperous area of the city as well as a smaller and more ethnically diverse congregation.

While in D.C., Rebecca also served as a pastoral intern at the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) located on Capitol Hill. While working at GBCS, Rebecca gained experience working with issues of social justice, including the Imagine No Malaria Campaign.  She was ordained as an elder in the United Methodist Church in May of 2018. She currently serves as the solo pastor at a wonderful church in Central Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Order of St. Luke

Rebecca is the author of the poetry collection Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse. Her book is available in paperback from Amazon and is coming soon to Kindle. All profits made from this collection will be donated to Christ Community United Methodist Church.

Rebecca writes about faith, diverse books, and disability awareness on her blog at

carol gathagan

Rev. Carol Gathagan, Retired Elder

Faith Break 

Rev. Carol Gathagan OSL is a retired Ordained Elder in the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church and is a graduate from Penn State University and Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC.  She is a life vowed member of The Order of Saint Luke, an ecumenical  religious order rooted in the United Methodist Church, which is dedicated to sacramental and liturgical scholarship through education and practice.

Rev. Carol writes and produces  Faith Break Radio Ministry, an Advanced Special for the Altoona District, Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church, now in its 20th year of continuous broadcasting.  Faith Break broadcasts “Seeds of Hope”  on three radio stations allowing listeners  in six counties in Central Pennsylvania  to hear words of spiritual encouragement twice daily.

Rev. Carol has written and lead workshops and retreats such as “Playing With Proverbs”, “Make a Joyful Noise! Celebrating Children”,  “I Believe in Miracles” and “Creative Spirituality.”

Carol and her husband Boyd live in Bellwood, Pa.  They have four daughters, nine grandchildren and one great grand daughter.

Pastor Steven Atanasoff

Pastor Steven is passionate about raising disability awareness. He strongly believes in our mission to empower people with disabilities, educate the church and society about issues related to disabilities, and advocate for the needs of the marginalized. Steven serves as the pastor of Geyers United Methodist Church. You can contact his church office by calling  (717) 944-6424.

Rev. Mitch Galloway

Retired Elder

Rev. Craig Gommer, OSL

Dallas & Firwood UMC –Scranton/ Wilkes Barre

 Rev. James C. House

Simpson Temple Parish- Altoona

 Rev. Jennett Wertz,

Lewisberry UMC- York

Rev. Robert Stump

Duboistown, Third St. & Trinity- Williamsport

Pastor Julie Rosensteel

Mountainview Parish, Williamsport

Laity Members

Mr. Jerry Post

A headshot of Jerry Post. He wears glasses and a brown suit.

Jerry is a certified lay servant and  an active member of the Forty Fort United Methodist Church where he currently serves as the lay leader. In the past, Jerry has served as the chairperson for the Council on Ministries Committee and as a Sunday School teacher.

Jerry writes, “When I was fifteen years old, a family moved into my neighborhood with four children and one of their boys had a developmental disability. Their father was a minister and was willing to sit down and speak to me about his son’s disability. Ever since then I have always wanted to help people who are disabled. I have been employed working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as a volunteer softball coach with the special Olympics. I have a family member with an intellectual disability, a family members who uses a wheelchair, and a friend who has a child with autism.

“My passion is to help people with disabilities. This is why advocacy is very important to me. Too many times, I’ve seen people without a voice left in a corner and forgotten about. It’s people like this that need advocates. This is why I was very happy to hear that the Susquehanna Conference had formed the Disabilities Ministries Task Force. It is both a privilege and blessing that the Lord has provided me this opportunity to serve on the Task Force as the resource person for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton District to help give those disabled the chance they deserve so they know that God love’s them.”

Mr. Jeffery D. Holland

A headshot of Jeffery Holland. He wears a blue shirt and has glasses

Jeffery is a native of Altoona, Pennsylvania, and an active member of Christ Community United Methodist Church where he serves on the trustees. He was the delegate to Annual Conference in 2018 and will also be the delegate to Annual Conference in 2019. He sits on the board of the Blair County Historical Society and is the chair of the sites committee. he is also a member of the National Railway Historical Society Horseshoe Curve Chapter.

Mrs. Pamela Harker

A headshot of Pamela harker. She is smiling and wears a burgundy shirt.

Pamela Harker is an active member of Christ Community United Methodist Church in Altoona, Pennsylvania. In the past, she has served as the lay delegate to annual conference. She is also a member of the Administrative Council and the church’s Matthew 28 Staff, where she holds the position of connections.

Pam is particularly passionate about spreading the love of God to all people. She is the leader of CCUMC’s Autism Support Group which offers comfort and fellowship to people and families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mrs. Abigail Kane 

Abigail Kane currently serves as a Supports Coordinator at Service Access Management (SAM) Inc. where she manages services for people with disabilities. Abigail studies Communication Sciences and Disorders at Penn State University, where she served as President of Students Advocating for Disability Awareness. Abigail plans to become a Speech-Language Pathologist in the future.

Abigail has worked one on one with individuals, provided hab aid services, and managed a residential group home. Learning from the ground up has given her the unique perspective to know the needs of the individuals to provide the best possible assistance to the disability community.

Mrs. Lisa Lupold 

Lisa Lupold is an active member of Camp Hill United Methodist Church
where she is working to welcome families with special needs within the
children’s ministry and within the congregation itself. As a Certified
Dyslexia Interventionist, she has a passion for children’s literacy and for
assisting families who are touched by dyslexia. In addition, she also has a
strong desire to support families impacted by ADHD. Through personal
experience, she has recognized the great need to increase public
awareness and acceptance of invisible disabilities. It is her greatest desire
to extend a warm invitation to these families so that may be embraced by
God’s grace and find a home within his church.

Mr. John Henderson: Laity and Certified Lay Speaker with 18 years of experience.

Mr. Alex Ross-Schnaubelt: Laity. Pianist and Director of Music Asbury UMC and Christ Community UMC in Altoona, PA.

Mr. Nate Ross-Schnaubelt: Laity. Gifted in all things technology, Nate uses his skills to make worship accessible for people with disabilities.

The logo for Disability ministires Committee of the United Methodist Church shows a cross and two people in silhouette. One person sits in a wheelchair and the other stands.